David Proud

David Proud is a Disabled Actor, Writer and Producer. He was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. He only began his acting career during his early twenties, having previously believed that it would be impossible for him to have as a disabled actor. His first professional acting role was as a wheelchair basketball player in the children's TV series Desperados. David made history becoming the first regular disabled actor in the BBC One continuing drama EastEnders.

David was picked by BBC producer Ewan Marshall to play the lead role in the 2007 CBBC series Desperados. The groundbreaking series for the BBC featured disabled actors in all disabled roles. In the series he played Charlie Johnson, a mixed-up teenager (although David was 23 at the time) dealing with the impact of becoming paralysed by a spinal injury suffered during a school football match. He appeared as the character Blake in the second series of ITV's Secret Diary of a Call Girl in 2008. David is most well known for his character Adam Best, a series regular in BBC One EastEnders. In 2012 David appeared in The Whitby Davison production of Best of Men, a BBC drama about the life of Dr Ludwig Guttmann set in 1945. He has also appeared as guest Lead in BBC Doctors. In 2014 he appeared in a new BBC Three Sitcom Siblings, by Bwark Productions. 2015 marked David's first appearance on Channel Four in Paul Abbott's comedy drama No Offence.

David has worked with British independent film director and producer Justin Edgar on three films. He played Scott in the 2007 feature film Special People. He played Graeme in NFA (No fixed Abde) starring Patrick Balladi. David played Holocaust victim Ernst in the 2008 short Hunger House. He also spends time working behind the camera for 104 Films as a development producer, work which lead to his involvement in the filming of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll and We are the Freaks.

Writing and Producing has become a major part of David's work as his debut play FriendZone was featured in Rikki Beadle Blair's new writers festival at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in 2012. A segment of a play David is co developing called Reconcilled with Genevieve Barr attracted critical praise at a performance at the Waterloo East Theatre in 2012 with critics praising Proud for his "chilling sensitivity" in the gritty Thriller. David has written and produced a BFI funded short film called Wheels of Fortune. Following on the success of this David has written and produced, Awkward Turtle, a short centering around a chance meeting of two ex lovers, and a silent black and white short called The One That Got Away. David’s short films have been seen at various film festivals around the world.

In early 2014 began production on iWitness, a feature film thriller in which he produces and plays the lead character. David is currently developing various projects for TV and Film.

When not working David plays GBWBA National League Basketball, he also works closely with many charities, work which was recognized in 2011 when David was invited to receive the Freedom of the City of London.